Finally, counters

Unbelievably, at long last we have countertops. And they’re even installed.

The counters were one of the areas where we scrimped in the kitchen redo. We wanted to do solid surface (granite would be a little impractical for us right now) but couldn’t really justify the budget, so we went laminate. I’m kind of glad we did at this point, though, since the installed counters look great and didn’t cost nearly the amount that we would have splashed out on solid surface. The budgetary numbers we used were around $800 for the laminate counters (it ended up being a little higher due to complications in the installation), or about half the cost we were seeing for some solid surface or stone tops.

The biggest issue we faced in the installation was a window whose sill came below the installed counter height. We knew it was there when we planned the counter run but figured we could work around it. Our installer earned his pay by painstakingly chiseling the existing sill back so that he could bring the countertop to the wall, then bringing the remaining sill up to counter height. You would never know there was ever a problem if you looked at it now.

Pictures will be posted in the next few days once I caulk and do a few more finishing steps. But in the meantime, our plumbing gets reconnected on Friday—along with the long-awaited dishwasher. Can’t wait…