Friday Random 10: Family Edition

I have a long drive ahead of me this afternoon, heading down for one of several annual Brackbill family gatherings; I’ve documented the summer picnics a few times over the years on this blog. It’s in Lancaster County, PA, where it smells strongly of cow—the Amish believe in natural fertilizer and the fields are full of it this time of year.

I refilled my iPod last night in preparation for the drive, so I hope there won’t be too many repeats from previous weeks. But you never know.

  1. Billy Bragg and Wilco, “Ingrid Bergman” (Mermaid Avenue)
  2. Mark Four, “I’m Leaving” (from the Peel Box)
  3. Sinéad O’Connor, “You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” (In the Name of the Father Soundtrack)
  4. Doves, “The Sulphur Man” (The Last Broadcast)
  5. Doves, “Pounding” (The Last Broadcast)
  6. Robert Johnson, “32-20 Blues” (The Complete Recordings)
  7. Shannon Worrell, “Shoot the Elephant” (The Moviegoer)
  8. Mogwai, “Auto Rock” (Mr. Beast)
  9. Dntel, “Last Songs” (Life is Full of Possibilities)
  10. Sigur Rós, “Takk…” (Takk…)