Mash your way to fun and profit

Via the Comics Curmudgeon, I bring you Balloonist, a cross-platform application designed to do comics lettering and layout. But wait! It also features “gouache mode,” in which you can lay in word balloons over existing comics. Like, ones that someone else drew.

And for an example of how cool that can be, I give you (via Sue Trowbridge, via the Comics Curmudgeon again) Mary Worth sings My Humps. Which remix got some ink in the Associated Press (including the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette).

Which inspired me:


Unfortunately, as you can see by the acne that the Garfield strip sprouted, Balloonist isn’t free, and its $88 registration fee is a little steep if all you want to do is to poke fun at moldy 80s icons. But hey, it’s interesting at the very least.

Can there be happier words…

…than “Apple Store Shipment Notification”? I don’t think so. As I predicted, Apple is jumping the gun on my anticipated ship date by a good five days. My MacBook Pro is currently in FedEx’s system (though not picked up yet) and scheduled to arrive by Thursday.

Of course, Thursday is the busiest day of my week, so I probably won’t be able to do a detailed unboxing report until the weekend. But still… yay.

Update: Apparently new MacBook Pros (MacBooks Pro?) come from Shanghai, China (at least according to FedEx’s pickup records). Who knew?