Schoolhouse Rock on the iTMS

ABC and Apple have posted two volumes of Schoolhouse Rock videos on the iTunes Music Store for download. There’s interesting backlash in the reviews section about the pricing: no attempt was made to provide a volume discount, so each eleven-song video set is priced at $1.99 * 11 = $21.89, or $43.78 for the whole set. Since all 46 songs can be heard on the 30th anniversary DVD for $12.99 at Amazon, I can only assume that the assumption is that people will only be buying individual songs. Which is probably right—born a year before the series started in 1973, I only remember less than half of the ones on iTunes and would only pay money for “Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here,” “Conjunction Junction,” and “I’m Just a Bill.” But those three alone would be half the price of the DVD.

Complaints about the business model aside, this is great stuff and would almost be reason by itself to buy a video iPod.