Elapsed time to MacBook Pro: 3-4 weeks

I knew I should have ordered the new Intel-based MacBook Pro when it was announced. I put the order in tonight and saw “estimated ship: within 3-4 weeks.” Sigh.

Backing up: my PowerBook G4 has been pretty good over the last few years, but it’s starting to show its age. In addition to the fact that Dashboard and Spotlight cause some significant slowdowns, and the spinning beachballs of doom, there’s the broken hinge, which is slowly causing the two halves of the case around the screen to separate. And the MacBook looks to be a significant step up from the 1GHz model.

But I definitely shouldn’t have waited until the day its availability was announced.

Ughgh. Ghghghghg. Gh.

… is how I felt the last few days, thanks to a surprise gastrointestinal upset that hit about 4:30 am on Wednesday morning. Fortunately the convention floor was already closed and I didn’t have to do booth duty—which would have been very difficult, since the exhibit hall was a good long hike from the men’s room.

I was fortunately able to change my flight, which had been scheduled as a red eye with a connection through Long Beach, and got home in time to get a reasonable night’s sleep. I’m starting to be able to keep fluids down too. I guess what they say about men being the worst patients is true; I want to stand up and cheer that I’m not visiting the bathroom every half hour. “Yay me! Fluids aren’t passing right through me!” What do you want? A cookie?