Sometimes I wonder: how much time and money does United waste moving passengers between flights that are delayed, then ultimately cancelled?

Context: I arrived at Logan this morning for an 11:55 flight. I attempted to check in at the self service queue, but the computer indicated they weren’t taking any check-ins at the current time. I  asked around and found out that the flight had an equipment problem and wasn’t taking off; my travel agency informed me that it would cost over three times the cost of the existing reservation to change my flight to a different airline.

So I waited in line, and they booked me onto another flight that was to have been leaving earlier but that was also delayed, and said I would make my original connection. Sounds good, right?

Not so good, as it turns out. Now the new flight has an equipment problem, and they’re cancelling it and moving everyone… to the flight I was originally supposed to be on in the first place.

In the Wishful Thinking department: they put me in a business class seat on the new flight. I’d say the odds of my keeping that seat on the new flight are slim to none, but maybe there’s a chance. Heh.