Snow day

We got about three inches of snow today–here in Arlington, which didn’t get some of the heavy snow that other Boston area towns got on Thanksgiving, that counts as the first snow of the season. The going was treacherous first thing this morning on my way to Old South; I seem always to need a reminder to avoid some of the narrow, one-way, downhill streets in my neighborhood during snow, as they are rarely plowed first thing in the morning. Today I had to put myself in a controlled skid toward the one patch of dry pavement between me and Park Street; fortunately, all went well and I was able to continue on my way.

We’re getting a snow-day tradition going here, waffles and bacon. (Mmm, pork!) Actually it’s been the Day o’Pork here, as with Lisa off on business tonight I have been freely indulging in some things she won’t eat, to wit, pork chops and risotto, the latter made with some pancetta and a little prosciutto. Pork trifecta. Mmm. Porkilicious.