Printer replacement time

As we set up house again after recovering from the disruption of two bathroom remodels in quick succession, we have identified a casualty. Our old LaserJet 2100M, faithful servant for over four years, is no longer addressable from the network. Self tests don’t indicate any problems, but my guess is that something is awry with the JetDirect card on which the Ethernet port resides. And that’s an expensive booger to replace—I eBayed this one back in 2001 for somewhere north of $100, and HP doesn’t even list it any more, preferring to list the wireless JetDirect card which sells for more than $300. Sigh.

So I think it might be time to go back to the market. Color printing would be nice, as would a scanner and a fax. Yes, we’re thinking multifunction. I’m a little concerned about consumables cost with a multifunction inkjet, though, and Lisa is concerned about smearing. But we have two candidates identified so far: the HP OfficeJet 7310 and the PhotoSmart 3210. The latter has no fax capability but is a good $100 cheaper; if it comes down to a choice between these models it will be about whether we really need fax. Both models are steeply discounted at Costco, which is another advantage.

So, my question: anyone out there have any experience with either model, or want to recommend another printer or brand? How much printer can I buy for $350 or less in 2005?