Bad, bad AOL. No takedowns for you.

You’re a blogger. You find the AOL listings for Live8. All of Live8. And you post links to them. You don’t rehost the clips, you don’t try to sell them, you just point to them. No problem, right? Um, apparently, wrong. Sonician, as indicated in this Google cache snapshot, is taken down completely. I’m looking forward to working down the links anyway, but damn it: why on earth would you do something so boneheaded, AOL?

Oh right, I forgot, you’re AOL.

If I had a Paypal address for the author of the site, I’d be flowing them some coin, but as it turns out, all I can do is to call AOL and the site’s ISP and bitch. Maybe you should too. Because as the author of the site says, “Since when is linking to another website a crime? Isn’t that what the Internet is all about?”