New machine setup joys

I seem to be averaging 0.8 laptops per month at this firm, not that I’m complaining. The new machine finally has enough RAM and processor power to run both our OEM’d applications and our core technology servers without breaking a sweat. Of course, there were more than a few minor things to be done in transferring everything over.

The one thing I always seem to forget is to install IIS on a new machine before upgrading to the new version of the .NET Framework. If IIS is installed when the new version of the framework is loaded, it can register ASP.NET automatically. If IIS is not installed, setting up ASP.NET is a manual process.

It’s easy enough to do, fortunately: just navigate to %system directory%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv.1.1.4322 (or whatever) and run aspnet_regiis.bat. And bounce IIS for good measure. Maybe now that I’ve written it down I won’t forget next time…