Newspaper comics getting bigger

In other news, hell freezes over.

Seriously, the launch of the Globe’s tabloid sized pullout, Sidekick, mostly makes me unhappy. In design and content it feels like a Mini Pages for adults. But having the comics strips at a readable size almost makes up for it (though the Globe’s comics selection is nothing to write home about, as it features the likes of Mallard Fillmore). Interestingly, the Globe didn’t take advantage of this change to revamp its online comics page, which omits some of the better features from its paper offering (including For Better or For Worse).

I’ve pretty much moved my morning comics reading entirely online, thanks to MyComicsPage and various syndicate sites. In fact, I think that reading the comics online might be the reason that Mozilla invented opening a folder of bookmarks into a tabbed browser window. Of course, my online comics reading energy is pretty much entirely channeled toward webcomics like Questionable Content, Little Dee, and Scary Go Round, which are larger, better drawn, funnier, more imaginative, and more legible than their syndicated counterparts.

Another reaction at Anderkoo (who appears to have some interesting comics commentary in general).