Two faces of the Pops

Watching the televised Boston Pops concert tonight, it’s tempting to compare and contrast Keith Lockhart’s face and words as he winds up for the concert and conducts the first few numbers with his interview in the Sunday edition of the Boston Globef. In the paper, he sounded like a petulant boy trying to decide whether to fish or cut bait. On stage and in pre-concert interviews, he looks charming, refreshed and assured. Which is the real Pops director?

As I haven’t had the opportunity to sing under Mr. Lockhart, I can’t offer a first hand observation. I do find the difference in presentation curious, though. Why on earth would someone as apparently media-savvy as Keith Lockhart drop the shield for an interview that made him out to be such a whiner? You’d think he’d, I don’t know, go start a LiveJournal or something.