Joining the tagging revolution

As you might have noticed/wondered from my last post, I’m experimenting with tags on this blog. Garrick Van Buren released Tag Maker for MarsEdit, a quick AppleScript that makes Technorati and tags from selected text in posts. I like the for making the tags, but not necessarily the end result—the scattered parenthetical tags are, I think, a little distracting.

Unfortunately, on Manila, I can’t use the suggested alternative, Laura Lemay’s script that places all the tag links at the bottom, because Manila blogs don’t get the Keywords field in MarsEdit.

So I’ll probably end up altering my workflow and hacking Garrick’s script to make it do what I want it to do. Still, some tags are better than none.

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The other shoe drops for Manila enclosure support

UserLand () Product News: Frontier and Manila: New Enclosure macros and updates to Manila RPC and MetaWeblogAPI. This is the other shoe whose dropping I anticipated last week when UserLand rolled out a new enclosure support feature. By extending the support for the new feature into the API and into user interface macros, Manila () now gives users an unprecedented level of flexibility for managing the creation and display of content (such as podcasts ()) that contain enclosures. Bravo.

A second, very big, bravo, is due for the long-anticipated full support of the MetaWeblogAPI () for creating new binary objects such as pictures or audio files, using the standard MetaWeblogAPI.newMediaObject. By adding support for this cross-vendor standard way to upload non-text content, Manila bloggers can take advantage of tools like MarsEdit () to manage image uploads. (Note that this announcement is the one that Brent Simmons calls out on the Ranchero blog.)

Now, if my kind host will update our Manila installation so that I can work with these new bits, I’ll be a very happy camper.