Friday night seems like an appropriate time to kick off the weekend on the blog. Moxie has been hosting a “booze blogging” post for the last few Friday nights—maybe I can get a photo by the time she posts this week’s post. The Changs are heading to the Russian River region for a Barrel Tasting weekend (we’re very jealous, guys). And Lisa and I are heading tomorrow to St. Patrick’s Day at Harpoon Brewery.

Tonight will be a little more mellow; as soon as Lisa finishes up, we’re heading to John Harvard’s.

Following up on the F.E.C.

Jeff Jarvis seems about as ambivalent about Commissioner Smith’s statement as I am, but says more strongly than I did that it smells like a stunt. MetaFilter has weighed in as well. The consensus is: either he’s pushing the commission’s rulings to their logical or illogical extremes so that the Supremes will have to smack down McCain-Feingold in toto, or he’s pushing bloggers’ buttons so they’ll work even harder to take down his political opponents as they did Dan Rather.

Both are dangerous strategies.

Future of Radio

Steve Kirks nails a vision statement for the future of Radio Userland: “Remove the barriers to get your content on line. Become your lightweight personal content manager.”

This is interesting timing, coming as it does at a time when the Berkman Thursday Meetings crowd is taking up the topic of the future of weblog software again. When you have a product vision, it’s a lot easier to take input from passionate users like the Berkman crowd and figure out which of the ideas you should work to turn into reality.