On being from Bad News, VA

Daily Press: Hit rapper 50 Cent says ‘Bad News, VA’ isn’t a dis. Heh. Oh yeah it is. But 50’s new song “Ski Mask Way” is hardly the first time my birth town Newport News has been given a bad rap. Not even 30 years after the town’s original founding (before its 1956 merger with the city of Warwick), no less an American literary luminary than Thomas Wolfe was dissing the city (where he spent time helping to construct the airstrip at Langley Field) in Look Homeward, Angel.

Drowning in the sea of RSS

43 Folders: Custom feed refreshing in NetNewsWire. Many thanks to Merlin Mann for this commonsense advice about managing the timesink that NetNewsWire can become—particularly when you’re trying to manage 343 feeds. With his advice as a starting point, I set the default refresh rate to every four hours, and changed the custom refresh property on the few feeds that I want to see more often than that. Now I no longer feel like I’m always drowning under a pile of unread items.


I busted my butt for a few hours yesterday, between shoveling our walks and blowing our driveway clear (and then reshoveling the walks with the rest of the snow that fell). This morning there was a fresh half-inch everywhere. The snow really never stopped falling yesterday; fortunately it was far enough above freezing in the middle of the day that we didn’t get new accumulation until after nightfall.

Uncle. I’ve had enough. And we’re all starting to go a bit crazy here. For example, see the Liberal Avenger’s inspired riff on Michelle Malkin’s bizarro claim that Boston is in imminent threat from anarchists: “Hopefully the storm will slow down the terrorists, gang-members and anarchists and buy us enough time to put our children on trains headed to red-states and to clean and lubricate our weapons for the coming siege.”