Photos: “Thaw”

half a boston city seal, at the public garden entrance

We have so little good light these days that it’s taken a few different photo exhibitions to get a good gallery full of post-snow photos. Call it the “thaw” batch—more because the weather has been mostly above freezing than because the snow has gone anywhere.

The latest gallery spans a chronology from the 25th of January, right after the storm, through today when we walked around the Public Garden a bit. Along the way the Patriots won another Superbowl and we visited the National Heritage Museum, which gives a uniquely Masonic view of local history in Lexington but also has some good exhibits of general interest including a fantastic Paul Revere exhibit. (Look in the gallery for an original Peanuts strip with a Paul Revere connection, as well as an empty Moxie bottle from the turn of the last century).