Salon launched Audiofile yesterday, the new MP3 blog of their music critic Thomas Bartlett (and the replacement for the Wednesday Morning Download). Nice bonus feature of every MP3 the feature has pointed to since it was the WMD.

Note: I’m a Salon subscriber, and I don’t know whether these features are generally accessible with a day pass; apologies if they aren’t accessible.

So let me get this straight…

More than two years after the rules for press access to the White House were tightened in the aftermath of 9/11, a guy with no journalistic credentials who writes under an assumed name and is tied to a dubious political advocacy organization gets to enter through a revolving door of one-day passes and lob softballs cribbed from Rush Limbaugh and the White House’s own talking points? Until he’s revealed to be working under an alias and associated with gay prostitution? AND he was privy to the classified documents that broke the cover of CIA agent Valerie Plame, apparently in retaliation for her husband’s putting the lie to the administration’s “Niger/uranium/Iraq” rumormongering in the warm-up to the invasion?

Am I on Candid Camera?

Mezzoblue on color

mezzoblue: CMYK (for Those Who Do RGB). The post is actually a fantastic primer on all sorts of color related issues for those who grew up with RGB. When I was doing page layout for various independent and student magazines, it took me a long time to try to do anything in color for precisely the issues outlined in the article: what you see isn’t necessarily what you’ll get in process; there are also spot colors to worry about; and of course type (where I spent my formative time) is complex enough without adding the additional dimension and expense of color. The Mezzoblue article is an excellent demystification of the technologies involved; bravo.

Integrating Google Maps

Mac OS X Hints: Map Address Book addresses via Google Maps. This is the sort of low tech URL-based hack that is perfect for AppleScript, and very easy to debug.

An older Mac OS X Hints article discusses the plug-in capability and provides another sample script. From that, it looks like you capture the field to which you’re adding the contextual menu using an “on action property” handler; the title can be set with “on action title”; and the actual code is in the “on perform action” block.

Other address book plug-ins:

  • iCal Scripts (Apple): schedule a call, create a “birthday event” (reminder), or create an event associated with the person
  • Dates and SMS Scripts (Daniel Browne): send an SMS message via a Bluetooth phone, email, or AIM
  • Skype call (bertlmike): open a Skype call

The plug-ins can also be written in Cocoa or Carbon.