You haven’t lived…

…until you’ve heard Nina Gordon, late of Veruca Salt, singing Straight Outta Compton (warning to sensitive ears—as on the original version, the F-bomb gets dropped about once every five seconds in that MP3). A bit like the bluegrass cover of “Gin & Juice,” but (thanks partly to the mental image) just that much more delicious. Thanks to Ben Hammersley for the post, fortuitously entitled My AK47 is a tool, that led me to discover this jewel.

Welcome back, my friends

I’d officially like to congratulate the IE team for getting the IE 7 release decoupled from Longhorn, and welcome Microsoft back to the modern browser landscape. It’s a big deal that Microsoft has awakened to the threat to its browser dominance from Firefox and other alternative browsers. We can only hope that IE 7 doesn’t bring its own slate of nasty CSS bugs that have to be worked around with yet another bunch of skanky CSS hacks.