First up: citizenship

Charles Ogilvy hits the first note—making sure that we don’t leave society, and the unwired, behind with technology. Are we creating bloggers or lurkers? Are we exposing candidates or constructs? What role does the Internet play in society?

Look at e-voting. Sometimes the pundits get it (i.e. predicting the vote) wrong (Dewey defeats Truman, e.g.). Haste in rushing to judge leads to things like Bush v. Gore, and creates problems for society—such as lack of confidence in state government and the judiciary (see dissenting opinion in Bush v. Gore). What about Dean, and the Internet and the press turning on him after the scream? Venezuela, where pundits miscalled the election of Chavez; this election, with leaked election polls; South Africa; the Ukraine…

And what about the impact of black box voting? Cue the Florida voting machine movie