A long day’s journey into …turkeys

No posting for a day or two, because we’ve been on the road. For a very long time. We left Arlington at 7 am Friday morning and for once made it through Connecticut with a minimum of fuss, pulling into Lakewood, New Jersey at 5 past noon.

That was the easy day. The next morning, after spending an hour with a shoehorn in front o four trunk the night before, we loaded four people, two dogs,and a week’s worth of baggage into the Passat and left—at 6:45 am sharp. It was 7:55 PM, after a blockage on I-81 in Maryland and a very long day of driving, that we pulled into my parents’ place in the Asheville, NC “suburbs.”

It may be a while between posts this week. My dad’s phone line only does about 28.8. But rest assured, we’ll fill you in when we get back.

Oh, and turkeys: this morning when we awoke, there was a flock of wild turkeys moving along the edge of the lawn. Gone now, alas, but we have snow to compensate.