Vacation means never having to say “Sorry for not blogging”

But I’ll say it anyway. We’ve been busy, of course; who hasn’t? We got two inches of snow and temperatures around 4° Fahrenheit from Sunday to Monday; have already had a turkey dinner, pizza night, and spicy Thai beef soup along with homemade apple and lemon meringue pies, homemade biscotti, and homemade cookies; and will be working on jambalaya tonight, traditional Italian fish tomorrow night, and pork tenderloin with risotto on Christmas day.

Lest you get the wrong impression, we have also occasionally left the house—for last minute Christmas shopping, grocery replenishment, and even a joint photo shoot with me and Esta (pictures to come sometime next week). I borrowed my Mom’s copy of the family genealogy; also next week the genealogy pages will be updated with many of the cousins on her side.

And, it being Christmas with seven people under one roof, we are also swapping new and interesting upper respiratory conditions. If the drive down was a little tense, the drive back should be positively nervewracking with all the blowing of noses, hacking coughs, and “I said, bake a left turd here idto de parkig lot! Why are you laughing ad be?”

Ah, Christmas.