The politics of flu

Moxie busts the Kerry campaign for digging at Cheney for getting a flu shot. I agree with the Mox on a political issue, for once in a blue moon. This was an unnecessary dig. However, I disagree with her logic. Clinton is six weeks removed from a quadruple bypass, at a time when his heart tissue is healing and still vulnerable to infection. Cheney is several years removed from his most recent attack. The Kerry campaign might be justified in making this distinction, but it’s ultimately an unclassy way to call the Administration on what is a serious failure in public health preparedness.

Ron Suskind lays it on the line

Salon: Reality-based reporting. An interview with Ron Suskind. He says, “The news strategies of those in power are really born of a dark corner of the American ideal, which is kill or be killed, which is to rely on assertion rather than authenticity and to use power as best you can to get to the agreed-upon ends.” Yeah, but what else is new? Sigh.

The Sox. The Pennant.

Sports history, folks. Next stop: World Series. Hopefully the shambolic Sox will hold it together long enough to make that sports history too. If you want to see what coverage of sports history looks like, check out the Boston Globe’s online report. I swear to God, I’ve never seen a game covered from more angles, more reporters, or with more adjectives. (More coverage: here, here, here, and here.

Oh, and less-confidential to David Ellis: enough, already. Let us have our celebration.