Mr. Bush, answer the question

Mr. Bush, please try to answer the question. Out of thousands of decisions you’ve made in the last four years, you can’t come up with three examples, no matter how small, where you made a mistake, other than appointments? Don’t tell the citizen the meaning behind her question and then answer that meaning.

Dred Scott????

Did Bush just bring in Dred Freakin’ Scott in an answer to the Supreme Court question? Way to show you were paying attention in history class, Mr. Bush, but relevance?

Presidential debate #2: sitting back slack-jawed

I didn’t think Bush’s performance in debates could be worse than it was in the last debate. I was wrong. If anyone thought that Bush could connect better with the people in a town hall format, they were living in a dreamworld.

I came in after the debate started. But there are some fantastic liveblogging exercises at Fury (example 1, 2, 3) and at Scott Rosenberg’s blog, and even at Wonkette.

Now it’s getting serious

After last night’s 30-10 steamroller over Clemson, a few of the voices in my head that have questioned the reality of the Cavaliers’ strong season so far have been quieted. But only a few. After all, it’s early in the season—plenty of time for a late-schedule swoon like those that have plagued the Hoos for years. But maybe Groh has taken care of that little problem, along with making unwelcome cultural changes (orange T-shirts rather than semiformal dress, marching band rather than Pep Band).

The likelihood is that the Hoos will move up in the rankings again, getting into territory that they haven’t seen since George Welsh coached.