Blogging style

My workflow for blogging has changed with NetNewsWire. With 264 subscriptions, I can’t read everything in detail. I scan headlines, pick out the ones I want to pay attention to, and open them in browser tab windows in NetNewsWire. Then I’ll read the tabs that are open, and close the ones that I’m done thinking about. There will always be one or two that I want to blog immediately; I’ll switch to MarsEdit and write about those (though since my style is to combine two or three different links in a post, I don’t generally take as much advantage of the MarsEdit integration with NNW as I might).

But there are always tabs left over after that. I like that NNW saves my open browser tabs. If I find one or two that persist across sessions, I’ll come back and blog those later.

So what makes me blog something? Generally, these days, I don’t point to things unless I have something to say about them. They could make me mad; make me laugh (not as often as I’d like); make me say “This is really cool”; or tickle a connection with something else I’ve read, said, or thought. The last is my favorite category of blogging material—it’s where I can actually add value as a blogger.