Are we really #6?

I held off on posting a pointer to this week’s polls because they make me uncomfortable. As Craig, who not coincidentally is an alum from #5-ranked Perdue, points out, the Hoos have had what might charitably be called a light schedule this year. Even Clemson, who in years past have been formidable enough to cast cold shadows of fear into the hearts of many a Hoo, is not exactly the strongest of teams this year.

That’s about to change, though, because Florida State is coming. And even though they’re 4 and 1 and ranked behind us, it’s hard to say who’s the underdog in this match-up. Should be a hell of a ball game.

Related: The Washington Post ombudsman hems and haws and finally admits, yes, the Cavaliers probably deserve more coverage than they’re getting from the sports section; MSN, or Fox, or Sporting News, or someone, weighs in on the Cav’s chances and points out the depth of the bench; and the Post writes about the game in such a way as to practically guarantee a jinx, while actually getting a meaningful quote from senior UVA tailback Alvin Pearman: “In the past they were more athletic. They were deeper. Now we can trade punch for punch with them across the board.“