UVA 56, UNC 24; marching band 1, Pep Band 0

And orange t-shirts 1, coat and tie 0, according to the Washington Post (thanks to Craig for the pointer).

I’m all for school spirit. But I don’t think it should come at the expense of ensuring that there’s at least one occasion for which a UVa student dresses up (not counting Foxfield).

It’s nice to see other traditions survive, such as pulling the quarterback during the fourth quarter (see third paragraph) when you’re already beating the opposing team by an embarrassing amount. George Welsh used to do that during the 1990 season.

Storm door handle and lock replacement

I did a small amount of housework this weekend. The most significant project was replacing a door handle and installing a lockset on our storm door, which actually turned out to be a pain in the ass. I had to work hard to get the spindle (which connects the thumb button on the outside to the latch on the inside) to the right length; had to enlarge a couple of existing holes on the the door to adjust for the size of the replacement handle, which is somewhat smaller than the existing hardware; and had to do endless test fittings to get all the pieces lined up and working smoothly. But it worked in the end. I need to do some work on the door on the three season porch next, but I think it will work out a little better now that I know what I’m in for.