Reaping some benefits from the Big Dig

Boston Globe: Barrier Comes Down on Hanover: After five decades, a section reopens. The change “marked the first time since the 1950s that pedestrians and drivers could pass directly from the cafes of Hanover Street to Haymarket’s fruit and vegetable stalls.”

I’ll definitely have to go and check out the new street configuration. For one thing, it’s the start of the end of the North End’s isolation, as I predicted three years ago.

Miscellaneous Virginia news

Quick link roundup from the land where I was born:

Photo publishing request

I’m almost out of space on my .Mac account. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good photo publishing methodology? My constraints:

  • The method has to work pretty well with iPhoto
  • It should leave the photos on my server, not a hosted service (I believe this rules out Flickr)
  • It should produce clean index pages that include captions and thumbnails with links to larger images
  • I have access to a server that supports FTP, but can’t do solutions that rely on FrontPage extensions
  • Solutions that rely on server-side CGI are going to be tricky because I don’t know if I can install anything on my server

Surely someone out there has done something like this before. Ideas?

Weekend catchup

mystery photo--leave your guesses in the comments

In addition to the pumpkin patch yesterday, the weekend was pretty good. On Friday afternoon I got a chance to catch up in person with Chris Reeder and his lovely fiancée Barb at Mr. Dooley’s. We talked for quite a while and discovered it is indeed a small town: she used to work at Robertson Stephens, where my friend and Sloan classmate Charlie worked before business school. Chris and I got into a discussion about business school programs that culminated in an invitation to sit in on a case discussion of Linux and the software industry at Boston College, where Chris is doing an MBA. Hopefully I can make it.

On Saturday it rained like crazy, but we got out and did a few errands. Among other treats, I picked up a set of photos at Costco that I had transferred to CD. Sometime in 1999 I started getting all our photos on PhotoCD, but prior to that we had several photogenic trips that missed being digitized, including our honeymoon to Italy. Since that was the first time I had been out of the country, I took acres of photographs, including the teaser to the right. (I will be publishing more of those photos online soon once I figure out a technical challenge—more details shortly.) Bonus points to readers who can identify the location of the teaser photo. It is of course in Italy, but where? Leave your answer in the comments.

Today Lisa’s parents and I will be catching up on some work around the house while Lisa’s out of town on business—and we’ll be trying to keep the dogs from destroying the house too. Wish me luck…