QTN™: Harpoon Winter Warmer

Since I started making tasting notes on beer only after I moved to the west coast, I missed an opportunity to review one of my favorites. Fortunately, my loving wife informed my in-laws of my preference for Harpoon’s Winter Warmer before we got into town, and they had stocked up in anticipation of our arrival.

The beer, a seasonal spiced winter ale from this Boston brewery, is a dark caramel in color with notes of orange. The citrus notes carry on in the nose, which is spicy with orange peel, and the spice notes, predominantly cinnamon and nutmeg, carry through to the finish. The beer, as befits its kinship to the justly celebrated Harpoon IPA, is thoroughly hopped and spiced, but not so much as to overwhelm the well balanced malt which lends a delightful mouthfeel. Always recommended.