Other things going on in the news around the reports of Saddam Hussein’s capture:

Oops. Guess the last one slipped in…

The anxiety of dog-parenthood

I had a dream last night about our dogs. In the dream, we owned two more, including one with a litter of puppies, and I watched helplessly as a twelve year old dog walker let go the leashes of the mother and her puppies and they disappeared into the crowd. Later in the dream, a scorpion came out from the window in the ancient hotel room where we slept (really like a stone-lined closet) and stung one of the dogs.

Anxiety is weird that way. Tonight, watching them sleep, the dreams seem far away.

Still out

A quick update on the outages. It looks like a number of Weblogger hosted sites are similarly affected, including If you’re reading this RSS feed, my discussion site at will at least let you read the text; my static site at appears to be completely down. No word yet as to the cause of the outage.

In the interim, I’m writing more holiday reviews but will hold on posting them until I can get picture support working again. The Past Listening and Past Reading sections are similarly on hold.

This was kind of bad timing as I wanted to work on a new site design over the holidays. Hope the outage clears up soon.

Apologies for the mess

It looks like the server that hosts a lot of my static content, including my images and the real CSS stylesheet for this weblog, is offline. I’ve pinged tech support. In the meantime, please “enjoy” the extra weight of inline stylesheet on each page (the last backup I had), complete with extra nostalgic old text sizes and leading.