Redesign notes

Things definitely to come in the redesign:

  1. Less junk on the page. Somehow.
  2. Less crufty CSS.
  3. More elegant typography.
  4. More elegant design, period.
  5. New site logo and masthead.
  6. New navigational resources, including a greatest hits.

Things I’m thinking about:

  1. Dumping the news item department graphics, in favor of text links. On the plus side, they brighten up the page a bit; on the minus side, they’re not exactly coherent, design wise, and they’re probably a good deal less understandable (unless you’re in the habit of mousing over graphics) than a simple link to the department archives page would be.
  2. The blogroll. Well, not dumping it, exactly, but maybe getting smarter about how I show it, along the lines of Greg’s MORE link. It will definitely disappear from sublevel pages.
  3. The badges, unless required by some sort of reciprocal agreement.

Here are some of the extremely helpful resources I’ve been consulting: