Photos from the Museum of Glass

the glass ceiling on the bridge at the museum of glass in tacoma

I was cleaning out my phonecam’s memory today to make room for BloggerCon photos and found this collection of photos from our recent trip to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma with Charlie and Carie. Unlike our previous trip, the temporary exhibit was about glass this time—fine glass art from early 20th century Austria and Germany, including a lot of phenomenal pre-Bauhaus and Bauhaus pieces.

Unfortunately I lacked the presence of mind to take pictures of that exhibit, but here are a bunch of shots from the permanent outdoor installations (yes, outdoor glass exhibitions. Amazing, no?). To my dismay, the photos don’t quite convey the dazzling transcendence of the color experience, even taken with my Lomo-esque Nokia, which tends to oversaturate the colors in every shot. But they aren’t too bad.