Meeting Adam Curry

I talked briefly with Adam Curry on Saturday, just long enough to plug Esta’s blog on—a site that Adam bankrolls. Adam mentioned he got in another new shipment of Xserves to keep the site afloat, and that Diaries is up to about 1000 blogs. I said, “So there are issues of scale?” He said, “Yeah, it doesn’t scale at all.”

Adam also had the best net-to-real-life moment at the conference. He posted on his blog that his laptop was running out of juice, Doc Searls read the post, and passed his PowerBook adapter over.

For those of you reading along, and for whom the name is ringing a bell, Adam was one of the original MTV VJs, who went on to do web design startups in the 90s and is now an expat in the Netherlands. Check out Chris Lydon’s outstanding interview with Adam.