Lots of stuff today while I was at work shipping internal products:

  • Tony Pierce talks about the show that I should have gone to when it was in Seattle…White Stripes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. All rock goodness, it sounds like.
  • Weblogs Inc., dedicated to producing niche “blogs” dedicated to aggregating industry focused content and hosting discussion groups. Sounds kinda like CNET, but Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin posted the link without busting it; maybe they’re on the up and up.
  • The Apple Computer History group blog has really taken off; just look at the story list. Current fave: engineer tells Jean-Louis Gassee that releasing the new high performance IIci will break all the NuBus cards currently being made. Jean-Louis says, “OK, that is problem number one. Are there any more?” Apple goes forward with the IIci, they work out a software patch with all existing NuBus card makers prior to release, and it becomes one of the coolest Macs ever released.
  • Mail-to-weblog is now released for Manila. If I ever get email working on my mobile phone, I will be taking advantage of this feature.
  • A Mac user was improperly caught up in the RIAA’s dragnet, accused of using a KaZaA client that isn’t available for the Mac to download music. The 66-year-old grandmother was accused in the lawsuit of downloading lots of hip hop including works by Snoop Dogg. The suit has been dropped. (NYT.)