MBAs don’t do shipping…

Hysterical FedEx commercial reflecting how so many young MBAs enter the business world: snotty, arrogant, and with very little grasp of reality.


Woman: Hi, Tom, I know it’s your first day, but we could really use your help.
Tom: (with slightly smug smile, pulling on suit jacket) You got it.
Woman: (walking) We’re just in a bit of a jam.
Tom: (squirts breath spray)
Woman: (continues, gesturing to roomful of FedEx boxes) All this has to get out today…
Tom: (look of astonishment, smug smile returning) Yeah…uh…I don’t do shipping…
Woman: Oh, no no no, it’s very easy. We use (sitting him down at a computer open to the website). Anybody can do it.
Tom: (smug smile wider, he can’t believe she’s asking him to do this) Uh… no… you don’t understand: I have an MBA.
Woman: Oh, you have an MBA…
Tom: Yeah.
Woman: In that case I’ll have to show you how to do it.

Of course, no one from Sloan would ever be that arrogant. Right?