late summer cherry tomatoes

We spent the weekend working to beat the rain. As I noted before, on Saturday I was on the roof cleaning gutters; I also washed windows, destroyed a hornet’s nest, and harvested more tomatoes, four cherry tomatoes and two full-sized ones. Normally such a paltry growth wouldn’t be anything to write home about, but from our twenty-five tomato plants, these are six out of 9 ripe tomatoes that we’ve harvested so far. Later this week, I think we’ll give up and harvest the rest, and let them ripen indoors.

Lisa has started her annual tomato-sauce making frenzy. Two years ago, while I was in Seattle, she made three cases, about 36 quarts, of the stuff, which carried us over through last year. On Saturday we decided we couldn’t wait for the rest of the garden to ripen, so we went to Pike Place Market and bought about 20 pounds of tomatoes and turned them into five quarts of sauce (plus dinner) last night. Which is a start…