Old friends well met

Just one last item and I will get to bed. I was at a Sloan info session in downtown Seattle tonight, as I alluded in my previous post. Great alum turnout. There were probably about twenty alums there (to about thirty prospective students!), including a few LFM friends from my class (Brent, we definitely have to do dinner sometime) and some friends from 2003 I hadn’t seen in quite a while (Kumar Doshi—it’s definitely time to do a Sloanies at Microsoft lunch; Don Hyun, maybe we’ll get an evening out to catch up).

In addition to old friends and lots of prospective students, I also got a chance to talk to a ’94 alum, Jason Farris, who is VP for Services for a Microsoft partner, Fincentric. His company supplies enterprise software solutions to the financial services vertical market. He notes that while Microsoft has provided co-marketing funds, technical sales support has sometimes been less forthcoming. IMHO (and needless to say, this blog is my opinion only, no warranty is implied), this is an area where we could do better.