Famous old acquaintances

Browsing a fellow Microsoftie’s blog tonight, I came across a “Greg Howard” reference. Familiar name, I thought. It was in the context of a Dave Matthews concert. I thought, Did he get famous? Greg used to record concerts for the Virginia Glee Club back in the day; I also saw him a few times playing in a band called “Sticks and Stones” with… oh yeah… Tim Reynolds. Hmm, he became famous too, didn’t he?

Sure enough: GregHoward.com. Still playing the Chapman Stick, still goateed, still looks the same as he looked ten years ago. And he still lists Transmigration, which I have on cassette along with his 1989 release Face of Sand, on his Releases page.

Morrissey may hate it when his friends become successful, but I have nothing but good wishes for Greg Howard, who was once kind enough (or impoverished enough) to record fifty cocky undergrad guys who had the nerve to sing sacred Renaissance music in Virginia.