Alas, Kate

Every now and then I get a reminder that it’s a good idea to check out Greg’s actual blog, not just to rely on his RSS feed. His links “on the side” are blog poetry—concise, to the point, and frequently high value.

Example: where else would I have learned that my old friend (and former neighbor) Kate Bolger was one of Fox’s lawyers in their now infamous lawsuit against Al Franken?

This reunion is looking more and more interesting the closer we get. Imagined scene: Michael’s Bistro, or perhaps the Court Square Tavern. Participants: Greg, Bernie, me, Kate, Dan, maybe George. Guinness all around. Question: “So, Kate, tell us all about it…” Unfortunately at that point my fantasy ends because attorney-client privilege probably kicks in.

Anyway, I’m now subscribing to Greg’s “On the Side” feed. It’s the best thing since Poodah.