Helpful Quicktime streaming tip

Courtesy Indiana University:

10061 : Connection Failed Error
Some users may experience a “10061 – Connection Failed” error. This is usually due to an incorrect streaming transport setting on the player and is easy to fix.

From the desktop, double-click on the QuickTime Player icon to open the application (or from the Windows Start menu: Start/Programs/QuickTime/QuickTime Player). From the Edit menu, choose Preferences, then Streaming Transport. A QuickTime Settings window will open with two transport settings to choose from. If you are not behind a firewall, select “Use UDP, RTSP Port ID 554” (the top one), or if you are behind a firewall that does not allow port 554, select “Use HTTP, Port ID: 80.” Then close the QuickTime Settings window. If both of these settings work on your computer, UDP is the preferred setting for optimal performance.

Of course this doesn’t help my problem: “500 (Connection refused).” Looks like I won’t be watching any of the speech after all.