A new car in the driveway that’s almost mine

Right now there is a new “Reflex Silver” Volkswagen Passat sitting in my driveway. It’s not the one I bought yesterday, though.

I had a great experience through most of the buying experience with this dealer, who shall remain nameless. The woman who followed up my request through Autobytel, M., was extremely helpful and very low pressure, but persistent, and I finally got myself around to the dealership yesterday afternoon. I decided that the standard 1.8 liter turbo four-cylinder engine would do just fine for us, and called Lisa so she could help me decide between cloth and leather seats. After deciding that the leather seats had perceptibly better upper back and neck support for Lisa, we did the paperwork, returned the Company Rental Car (the Alero is a fine vehicle, but I was ready to see the end of it), and were ready to go.

This is where we hit the snag. Sitting in the “Reflex Silver” Passat GLS that we settled on, M. walked us through the controls. Showing me the instrument cluster, she said, “And here is the windshield wiper control.” She clicked it and a blade went across the windshield. “Huh,” I said. “I didn’t know the Passat had a single wiper like the Volvo and Mercedes do.”

She said, “Oh my god! Where’s the other blade?” Somehow along the way to the lot, someone had broken off the wiper arm near the motor. Unfortunately, the dealership shop was already closed for the weekend. M. was embarrassed, apologetic. Could they give us a loaner car until Monday and pay for us to have dinner out?

We reluctantly assented—I had been looking forward to driving off the lot in my first new car since I sold my Golf in 2000. We got out of my car and looked at it. Forlornly. Then M. pulled up in another reflex silver Passat—a top of the line W8. The owner’s current show model. Would this do?

It would do nicely. We hopped in, dropped Lisa’s car at home, and headed for Etta’s. Oysters on the dealer!!! 🙂