The fun surprises of homeownership

We’re having a few floors redone in the house we bought. One of the floors is going to be replaced so that we can level it with a section of existing flooring in the adjacent space. The flooring guy ripped up a few boards at the edge of the flooring to be removed, and discovered that the floor had been “leveled” using a unique subflooring material: newspapers.


On the plus side, this dates the addition of the glassed in porch on the back of the house to within a few weeks of the 1984 Grammys. On the minus side, we now understand why that part of the floor was never quite level. 🙂

Silent blogroll addition

Quick shout out to Craig, whom I added to my blogroll yesterday. He’s a former coworker from my first job out of college—a very gifted programmer and occasional Slashdot contributor. Still in the greater DC area, he’s now working at a Maryland startup. And he doesn’t blog as often as he should. 🙂

I’m a real homeowner now

Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday. I was busy becoming a real homeowner. To wit: painting the two-story vaulted ceiling in our great room. Walls to be done later today, assuming the floor refinishing guys knock off early enough to let the dust settle down (they’ll be sanding this morning).

Apologies to all who tune into this blog for scripting, Mac, music, or other stuff. This is really going to be the Jarrett House North blog for a few more days—at least until our things get here. I start work a week from today and from that point on should be able to think about things other than home improvement.