Superlatives for Rove

The Un-Rove (The Daily Dish) This wasn’t the point of Sullivan’s column, but it’s the most quotable part: “Rove today endures as the architect of the biggest and deepest political implosion since the Democrats in the 1970s. It was all tactics, no strategy; all politics, no governance. He remains the worst single political strategist of […]

Grab bag: Austerity and zombies

How to force Safari 4 to open links in a new Tab instead of a new Window : Switching To Mac Hidden defaults setting that forces links that would open in a new window to open in a new tab instead. Should be default behavior. (tags: safari macosx) So True, So True … (Talking Points […]

Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page

The funniest meme to come out of Tuesday’s very serious speech by President Obama was the chorus of voices who noticed how much Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, who delivered the GOP response, sounded like Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock. A Facebook group helped amplify the chorus of voices asking for a furtherance of […]

Grab bag: Insensitivity edition

You’re being insensitive (Scripting News) As Dave has written elsewhere, the interests of the shareholders and the public are not in alignment on the bank bailout. (tags: obama economy meltdown) Why hasn’t America been attacked since 9/11? – By Timothy Noah – Slate Magazine Digging into the various theories. (tags: security history politics) Koders Code […]

Grab bag: Safari 4 beta and more fun stuff

Secrets of the Little Blue Box (Esquire, 1971) A landmark article on phone phreaking, absolutely riveting 38 years later. (tags: hacks phones phreaking) The Curious Cook – Do You Need All That Water to Boil Pasta? – Investigating low-volume ways to cook pasta. Conclusion: with a little pretreatment, you can cook a pound of […]

Grab bag: Twitterquette, Rahm, Ken Morse

How to Present While People are Twittering | Pistachio This is positive. Ever since the first BloggerCon I’ve been feeling the gap between truly participatory conferences and “wisdom receiving” conferences. I can’t go to too many Gartner conferences for this reason. I think if more speakers thought about the backchannel as a positive force for […]

Reunion on the iPhone: Genealogy on the go

I got an email from someone the other day asking about one of my ancestors (Andrew Hershey, 1702-1792). I get this sort of email all the time, since my family tree is online, and normally I’d have looked up the answer to the questions and emailed back. The problem was, I was on my iPhone […]

Grab bag: US RSS and Hulu

Stimulus bill requires RSS feeds of how the money is spent – Boing Boing RSS hits the big time. (tags: rss bailout economy government) Step By Step: How to Reinstall a Working Hulu in Boxee The community comes to the rescue with a plug-in to reenable Hulu on Boxee. (tags: boxee hulu hacks)

Soho the Dog on BSO Classics

The Boston Sound (Soho the Dog) Detailed thoughts on the BSO recording announcement. (tags: bso)

BSO Classics: the BSO goes private label

The BSO announced yesterday that it was kicking off a series of recordings on its own BSO Classics label. I’m on three out of the four initial recordings as a member of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus: the Brahms Requiem, Bolcom Symphony No. 8, and Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé. The recordings are available at the BSO’s […]

Grab bag: BSO recordings, Hulu off Boxee BSO releases first James Levine era recordings I’m on three of the four recordings–Bolcom, Brahms, and Ravel. Excited to hear they’ll be on iTunes in March. (tags: bso tfc itunes) Hulu’s Superbowl Ad and the Boxee Fight – O’Reilly Radar Informed speculation on the deal that cut off Hulu on Boxee. It sounds all […]

Grab bag: security drumbeat

Technology Review: Stealthier Mac Attacks Stealth attack kit for Mac targets the application memory space and leaves no traces. Exploits the weaknesses in Mac OS X’s address space randomization. (tags: security macosx) Web Applications: Achilles’ Heel Of Corporate Security (InformationWeek) Again–secure the apps. They are currently the weakest point in anyone’s infrastructure. (tags: security)

Scanning the sepia

I’ve started digitizing some old photo albums. Nothing earth-shattering: these were photos I took as a kid with my first camera, starting in 1981 or 1982 through about high school. But some of the photos are interesting to me because they frame the way I think about some physical realities now–like my uncle’s house in […]

Ramagon 2: the toy in action

There are about 150 people who have stumbled across the Ramagon tribute I wrote last year, one or two at a time. I finally stumbled across some photographic evidence of the toys when I was scanning an old photo album last night. Here are some out of focus close-ups of three things I made with […]

Grab bag: Color and presidents

[ws] Color Scheme Designer Pretty awesome JavaScript+CSS app to allow you to design a color scheme with a deep palette and sample uses. (tags: css webdesign design color) If You Got Money, It’s Time to Spend Some (Economix Blog – Please, rich people, spend us out of this mess! (tags: economy bailout) Ed Felten: […]