This is the jumping off point for my genealogy research. My primary research surnames are Jarrett, Brackbill, Freeman, and Young.

Tim and Esta Jarrett, circa 1976 or so.

Warning: Part of my family tree, the Freeman family, is now suspect. I have evidence that one of the sources from which I drew early on while researching provided bad data. I am comfortable with the data starting with Seth Freeman but everything before that is questionable at this point. I will be checking this out in more detail and hope to have updated information posted shortly.

Most of my research comes from family history and archives; from various sites on the Web; from Hershey Family History by Henry Hershey; and by a lot of research done by my father’s cousin Aubrey Jarrett. My current lines of research are the Freeman and Jarrett families of western North Carolina. I also need information about the Paynes of western North Carolina and the Leamans of Lancaster County, PA.

Here’s the genealogy; please mail me with any corrections or questions.