Grab bag: Still buzzing on leftover candy

Kids Halloween Candy Code The Candy Code! I’m particularly amused by the chalk drawing that means “produced in a factory that processes nuts and oils.” (tags: halloween humor) Axiotron : Modbook Interesting tablet mod of a Mac, with a killer service option to convert an existing Macbook. (tags: mac) New president-elect may move quickly to […]

Worth reposting: an open letter to American social conservatives

I don’t often repost entire blog posts, but this needs to be disseminated widely. Thanks to Estaminet for saying what I wanted to say. Take a look at this and spread it to your friends and family: estaminet: an open letter to american social conservatives. Please stop. Please stop saying that Barack Obama is Muslim. […]

Happy Halloween

Random collection of thoughts this morning: I just rode on my first Segway this morning. One of our QA engineers was an employee and got a pre-production experimental model as part of his severance, and he brought it in this morning. My question to him after tooling around a little on it: how on earth […]

Grab bag: Slightly late edition

estaminet: women’s “health” Interesting and righteous take on the abortion rights issue. You go, cafe! (tags: 2008 election debate obama mccain) Errol Morris’ “real people” ads for Obama – Boing Boing Qualitative research, or anecdotes? Interesting profiles of Republicans and independents voting for Obama. (tags: 2008 election obama) Announcing « blog maverick What will […]

A report on the usability testing for WordPress 2.7

Jane Wells at WordPress opens the kimono further on the decision to redesign the administrative user interface for 2.7. I griped a while back that it seemed like the design changes were being made in a non-systematic way, but it turns out there were solid usability testing exercises prior to the surveys we’ve all seen […]

New mix: Power’s out in the heart of man

As so often happens as I’m putting mixes together, I’ve collected enough tracks for about three mixes since I published “picture of you where it began” back in May (“Blasphemous Rumors” was a one-off theme mix that didn’t dip into this pool). So I ended up splitting out this first set of tracks as the […]

Grab bag: All music, no election edition

Yes We Can remix: Lee Dorsey’s funk classic meets Obama speech – Boing Boing Yes We Can remix record. Lee Dorsey ftw. (tags: 2008 election obama funk) C-Ville: Reviews – Rock in the rearview mirror C-Ville’s review is positive but I think a little misguided. A song about fleeing the state after burning down a […]

Google and publishers agree to sit down and make some money

New York Times: Google Settles Suit Over Book-Scanning. It’s good to see the book publishing industry come to its senses. Now that the parties have agreed to revenue sharing from book sales and library use, it becomes even more clear that Google Books is yet another Internet mediated disintermediation. Google Books is probably the best […]

Grab bag: Monday linkfest

FlickrDown lets you archive all your Flickr photos | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone – CNET Get your Flickr photos out of the trunk. (tags: flickr) Snow? Did somebody say snow? | Universal Hub The French Toast alert system is back!! (tags: boston weather) ATF disrupts skinhead plot to assassinate Obama I’m surprised […]

The fifty state strategy in action

A piece in the Las Vegas Sun about Howard Dean caught my attention. After the “Dean Scream” got played into the ground by the media, Dean has largely been ignored by the popular press, but I think his actions at the DNC have been substantial in positioning the Democrats in 2008. And it’s instructive to […]

Grab bag: crow, vote

Crow (The Good Ol’ Blog) Yes, I’m eating it too. Go Hoos! (tags: uva virginia football) Do you know what to do? (Scripting News) Quick steps if you get turned away at the polls. Key is call 1-866-OURVOTE or (tags: 2008 election)

Saying goodbye

For Obama, a Melancholy Biography Tour – As someone who lost his last grandparent in January, I have to say this is among the most personally moving articles this election cycle. Mrs. Dunham, our thoughts and prayers and blessings with you and your grandson. (tags: 2008 election obama)

Grab bag: Home stretch

American Civil Liberties Union : Fact Sheet on U.S. “Constitution Free Zone” Time to reign in the border patrol. Unreasonable search and seizure 100 miles from the border is a moronic extension of the Border Patrol’s powers. (tags: constitution aclu bush) The Tin Man » Balance Nice summary of McCain’s uphill battle in the last […]

While you’re patching: WordPress 2.6.3 is out

A quick heads up for the publication of WordPress 2.6.3, which I missed yesterday thanks to my site’s slowness. This is a straightforward patch release with an update for one PHP class, snoopy, which has a now-patched command injection vulnerability. Mercifully, the patch files are available directly from the blog post, making this the easiest […]

The reports of this site’s death by entropy…

…are greatly exaggerated. However, I think I’ve fixed the inexplicable slowdowns that have plagued the site since sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday. It looks like the issue was related to a plugin, Google XML Sitemaps. Although there had been a few posts since Tuesday, it hadn’t functioned correctly since Tuesday and I think it had […]