Happy anniversary, Adam

Adam: Brown/Medros Annual Report. Happy anniversary, kids! I think Adam’s been at B-school too long:

Monday marked the first anniversary of the Brown-Medros merger. Although we’ve cut revenues, scaled back expenses, and moved corporate headquarters, we are actively repositioning for growth and expansion and plan to increase headcount by 50% this year.

UserLand digs in on Manila

Ever since Dave went to Harvard, there’s been a flurry of activity around Manila, UserLands’s other blogging product (after Radio), which happens to be the back end of this weblog as well. As a long time customer (and only recently a paying one!) it’s nice to see UserLand paying attention to its other platform.

You can follow their progress on Manila and on Radio on a new website that tracks progress on UserLand’s products from all its employees.

Happy birthday, Al

My father-in-law celebrated his birthday today with us at Szmania’s. I only hope that I can be half as feisty, and in half as good a shape mentally and physically, when I’m an octogenarian-plus. (Yes, my in-laws are in town. A suspension of garden postings is in order, since my mother-in-law, a true pro, is here to straighten us out.)

Banning violent video games in Seattle

The Register: “Washington State to ban sales of violent games to minors.” Retail employees who sell violent games, particularly games featuring violence against women or police officers, will be subject to heavy fines. Guess high schoolers playing Grand Theft Auto is out.

It’ll be interesting to see the enforcement strategy on this one. Could a clerk selling Diablo II to a 17 year old be in violation? (The game has women, albeit demonic women, as bosses—major villains—in at least two dungeons.) Where’s the line? They can’t just profile GTA, unless they want to get sued by the makers of the game.

Adam: Warren Buffet comes to HBS

Adam: “Yesterday was pretty amazing to have Warren Buffett speaking to a packed Burden Auditorium for a very enjoyable 2 hours.” Some excellent quotes from Buffet, including one that proves he’s the Zen master of investing:

On the Economy– “I don’t know what’s going to happen, so I deal with what is knowable and important. Don’t get distracted by the unknowable and the unimportant.”

Words to live by.

Cool hack: making Unix behave better under Mac OS X

O’Reilly Network: Bringing Trash-Awareness to rm. Apple did a pretty good job of making Mac OS X feel like a Mac operating system despite its BSD core, but you can really feel like you’re in another world when you dive into the Terminal. The script described in the article acts as an alias for rm and moves files to the Trash instead of immediately deleting them as rm does. Pretty cool.