New mix: will you buy me a shaky heart

As I grow … well, older isn’t right, and neither is more mature, so let’s just go with “as I grow,” I find that what I listen to is less about lyrics and singing along and more about just listening. So, of the 19 tracks on this mix, six have no words at all, and a few more are mostly nonsense.

No real notes here, except to note that Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong, from 2003, is an unlikely sleeper album. There are bits that remind me of Ravel, and Berg, and glitchy techno, and sometimes they come in the same song.

Also: why did it take me so long to listen to Bruce Cockburn? He would have been right up my alley in 1988 or 1989.

Also also: I’m in the crowd for that 2004 Sonic Youth performance at the Showbox. This one.

  1. Burning Of AuchidoonMaddy Prior (Silly Sisters)
  2. Tree (Today is an Important Occasion)David Byrne (The Knee Plays)
  3. Ready to StartArcade Fire (Ready to Start – Single)
  4. Lovers In a Dangerous TimeBruce Cockburn (Stealing Fire (Deluxe Edition))
  5. Wiggle-WaggleHerbie Hancock (Warner Archives)
  6. Everything In Its Right PlaceRadiohead (Kid A)
  7. 24 Hour CharlestonJonny Greenwood (Bodysong (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture))
  8. ConcordeModern Jazz Quartet (Concorde)
  9. Track 4Sigur Rós (( ))
  10. ChemtrailsBeck (Modern Guilt)
  11. SorrowThe National (High Violet)
  12. I Should Watch TV (M. Stine remix)David Byrne & St. Vincent (Brass Tactics EP)
  13. Pattern RecognitionSonic Youth (Live at the Showbox in Seattle (2004))
  14. Milky WayWeather Report (Weather Report)
  15. Alone And ForsakenNeko Case (Live from Austin, Texas)
  16. Hi-Speed SoulNada Surf (Let Go)
  17. After AllChristian Scott (Yesterday You Said Tomorrow)
  18. Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken HeartsJonny Greenwood (Bodysong (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture))
  19. I Wanna Dance With SomebodyDavid Byrne (David Byrne: Live from Austin, TX)

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