Well, forget you too, iTunes Match

I’ve got about 5000 tracks I’ve purchased from the iTunes store over the last 8 years. That’s a lot of dough. And I’m willing to spend more–$25 a year more–to have those tracks available in the cloud.

I also have about 30,000 other tracks, purchased from Amazon or eMusic, or ripped from my own library. I’m not a BitTorrent collector. I’ve replaced just about everything I ever downloaded in the glory days of Napster with legitimate copies of songs.

But Apple won’t let me participate in iTunes Match because I’m over the 25,000 song limit.

Well, that sucks.

Hope the service is less disappointing for those that actually get in.

Update: There is a workaround, apparently, if you want to manage multiple libraries.

3 thoughts on “Well, forget you too, iTunes Match”

  1. Seriously????? Once upon a time, you would have been called an audiophile–the kind of person a music-oriented business could only dream of.

    1. One of two possibilities: either this is a temporary limitation of the beta, or this is a limitation woven into their agreement with the labels. I hope it’s the former, fear it’s the latter.

  2. I just wondered if you fell into this boat.

    I imagine they might offer a pricier plan for larger libraries later, along the lines of the tiered plans for iCloud. I could just be indulging in wishful thinking, though.

    For my part: my library took a while to sync @ ~16,000 songs, but so far the service works okay.

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