Roundup: the Tin Man speaks; JP Makes, Dave nails it

The Tin Man’s voice is in the New York Times. I mean, they have an actual sound clip of him being interviewed about the Democratic presidential candidates. How cool is that? It gives “voice of the blogger” a whole new meaning.

And I’ve been meaning to post about JP’s other career for a bit as well. He’s the only animator, and UVA alum, and friend, I have who writes for MAKE Magazine. I really dig the Lego Recharging Station.

Finally, I suppose I would be remiss to not point out Dave’s extended post on philosophy in sports, which says a lot of the things that I wanted to say yesterday. Particularly this paragraph:

Losing teaches you that there’s more to life than winning, and that’s the best lesson possible and it’s the one lesson you keep needing to learn over and over until you lose everything, which like it or not is what we all do in the end.