A new use for that Boingo subscription

I have a monthly Boingo subscription. It was mostly so that I could get online at Logan, back when I was flying out a few times a month (or, week) without having to pay $6.95 a shot. I’m not traveling nearly so much for my new job and was considering cancelling—until I saw the news that AT&T is taking over the Starbucks hotspots from T-Mobile.

Since AT&T is a roaming partner of Boingo, I’m thinking about keeping the subscription. Prepaid high-speed at any Starbucks for my iPhone sounds like a pretty good plan.

Where are my feet?

It’s cold, cold, cold here today. Really unsettled weather over the weekend; it went from somewhat reasonable and sunny on Saturday to rainy and thundersnowing on Sunday. Twice we went out shopping in clear weather only to look out the window inside the store and see lightning and heavy, wet horizontal snow whipping across the parking lot. The winds were high and blew in 6° air from somewhere. It was too cold even for the dogs to walk, and that’s saying something.