Rested and ready

A few days off from the blog were really necessary this week for me to recharge. My silence here belies the work that I was doing elsewhere, though I’m not quite ready to take that work public yet.

It’s been pretty quiet all around, though, and I’m definitely ready to start a new challenge tomorrow in my new position as director of product management at Veracode. What’s Veracode? Well, it’s a fairly unique company—it provides an application security service that identifies vulnerabilities in software binaries. By providing a service that does not require access to application source code, the company can do some fairly interesting things—one-time scans on behalf of a company that is purchasing software, for instance, or single-shot audits for software vendors. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to work with the team there and to address some of the challenges there in taking their services to the next level.

For a little more flavor of the type of world that Veracode operates in, check out the company blog, Zero in a Bit. Very interesting posts about security, application development, and the disclosure process.